Children Camping at Night in Cornwall

Coming from a big city, my children rarely get to see how beautiful the night sky really is. We left Dinham Farm with three budding astronomers who used their iPad to see the names of the constellations!

- Lorna Williams

If you are new to camping or even a more experienced camper, we believe that, at Dinham Farm, you will enjoy every aspect of sleeping in a tent. Our campsite is spacious, quiet, clean and has all the facilities you need. We have no noisy clubhouse, or busy bar, or even the ringing tills of a shop. You can truly escape the hustle and bustle that life can bring, and instead concentrate on searching the night sky for star constellations! You can relax in the knowledge that what we do have is a mountain of peace, an amazing view and acres of space to pitch your tent and enjoy your camping experience.

Please note we no longer accept glass bottles in our general waste bins. We ask customers to kindly dispose of their bottles at a bottle bank, ie Tesco, Wadebridge.

No disposable BBQs or lighter fluid, please – Gas only.

Outdoor activity group bookings are very welcome at Dinham Farm.

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